Exhibition in Helsinki 2.1.-14.2.2016
We have an exhibition in Helsinki, Taito Shop Helsky from Jan. the 2nd to Feb. the 14th. Our winter-collection is also available there. Welcome!

Manufacturer changes
Our manufacturer changes, but stays in Finland. Our products are made by Kiteen Tekstiilitehdas!

Valkyrian Designs in Valencia!
Check out Valkyrian Designs in Valencia, Centro del Carmen, 11.4.–12.5.2013 in NowHere Finland-exhibition!

NowHere Finland 2012-exhibition in Madrid, Spain! 19.10.2012-20.01.2013.
NowHere Finland 2012-exhibition in Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid !

Autumn/Winter Collection is available in stores!
New arrivals of our boiledwool collection are available in stores! Check out pictures from "collection"-page!

NowHere Finland 2012-exhibition in Savonlinna 15.6.-26.8.2012
NowHere Finland 2012-exhibition in Savonlinna Provincial Museum.

Spring/Summer collection in stores
Spring/Summer collection is available in stores! Check your nearest reseller from our page.

Pictures from fashion show
Fall/winter 2012-13 pictures have been added to the photos-page!

Finnish Catwalk Designers Show
Check out the Designers Show! Part of our new autumn/winter 2012-13 collection can be found in 28:47! Check out: the Designers Show

Finnish Catwalk 27.01.2012
Autumn/winter collection 2012-13 will make its debut at the Finnish Catwalk! It is open for public and free admission! Welcome! Finnish Catwalk

NowHere Finland 2012 design exhibition
Valkyrian Designs was selected for NowHere Finland 2012 design exhibition!
"The exhibition was juried by designer Harri Koskinen, Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen, graphic designer Timo Berry and Regional Artist for Design, Paula Susitaival in Helsinki on the 27th of September, 2011. The exhibition attracted submissions with a varied level of quality, and the jury’s mission was to root out the genuinely eco-friendly works. The assessment criteria emphasized maximum positive environmental impact and the product’s life cycle assessment. For example the maintenance of textile products was given special consideration, as it causes the majority of environmental load in their life cycle. The jury also assessed the raw-material production, manufacturing process, use and disposal of the product. In addition to meeting all the ecological criteria, the jury also expected impeccable aesthetic and functional qualities from the items selected for the exhibition. The jury was pleased to see the high number of immaterial design creations submitted for the exhibition."

TV News 16.09.2011
Check out TV News!

Eco Fashion Show live online!
You can watch the Fashion Show live on the Internet! On Friday 9.16.2011 at 4 p.m.! Watch the Show here!

Act Now! Forests For Future-conference Eco Fashion Show 9.16.2011
The Valkyrian Design lines will be in the Act Now! Forests For Future-conference Eco Fashion Show in the Joensuu Arena September 16 at 4 p.m.. Among others you will see Miss Earth Nicole Faria! Welcome!
Miss Earth welcomes you to the conference

People who love the mansion-collection in stores, now!
"People who love the mansion"-collection is available now! Ask for more from our resellers!

Now spring/summer collection in stores!
Check out our new resellers from resellers-page!

Fall/winter 2011 collection pictures have been added!
People who love the mansion -fall/wintercollection pictures have been added to the collection-page! Collection pictures

Finnsh Catwalk 28.-29.01.2011
Autumn/winter collection 2011 will make its debut at the Finnish Catwalk! You can check collection from Designers Show and from our stand! Friday is only for professionals but Saturday is open for public! Welcome! Finnish Catwalk

Jonna's "Puppets" music video
"Puppets" music video is ready now! "Puppet-dress" is designed and made for Jonna!
"Puppets" music video!

Jonna's Erovisionsong Puppets
Listen Jonna's eurovisionsong and first single "Puppets"! Available from iTunes, now!
Eurovision 2011

Shanghai Expo
The fall/winter collection will be on display at the Shanghai Expo as Petra and Simo Sahari's performance outfits. The two will be performing in the Finnish Pavilion and filling the duties of artist guides around the time of the closing ceremony in October.

Finland at Expo

Jonna in the Eurovision Finnish Preliminaries!
Jonna has been invited to join in the Finnish Eurovision preliminaries! Valkyrian Designs will be clothing the performance. Vote Jonna into Eurovision 1/14/2011!
Eurovision Finnish Preliminaries

Spring/summer 2011 collection pictures and fashionshow pictures have been added!
Love is A Battlefield - Spring/Summer collection pictures have been added to the collections-page! Collection pictures Finnish Catwalk fashion show pictures have been added to the photos-page!
Fashion Show pictures

Finnish Catwalk 21.-22.08.2010
Spring/summercollection 2011 will make its debut at the Finnish Catwalk convention! You can find collection from stand H1 and Fashionshow! Welcome!

Springcollection available in our webstore!
Now springcollection is available in our webstore!

Spring/summer collection in stores
Spring/summer collection is in stores after next week.

Valkyrian Designs in facebook
News and more pictures in facebook! Join and invite your friends too!
Valkyrian Designs in facebook!

Weeras promopictures
Weeras promopictures have been added to the photogallery.

Finnish Catwalk autumn/winter 2010-11
Fashionshow pictures have been added to the photogallery!

The cooperative work for artist Weera's upcoming album has begun
Lotta Mönkäre will be designing the clothes for Weera's new album coming out next spring.

Now Here Finland Design Exhibition 16.1.-14.2.2010.
The Spring/Summer collection will be on display at the Seinäjoki Taidehalli in Now Here Finland Design Exhibition. Welcome!

Finnish Catwalk Autumn/Winter 2010 Trade Show
Valkyrian Designs take part in Finnish Catwalk Trade Show 30.-31.01.2010 in Wanha Satama, Helsinki. Welcome!

Jonnas promopictures
Jonnas first promopictures have been added to the photogallery.

Yksilöllisen pukeutumisen ilta 21.10. in Kenkävero at 18.00-20.00
Anne Linnonmaa and Valkyrian Designs are presenting their collections in Kenkäveroshop in Mikkeli. Fashionshow at 18.30. Free entrance.

Taikasormet - Kädentaitomessut
The Collection will be on fashionshow on 17.-18.10.2009 in Joensuu Areena.

Fashion blogs
You can find Finnish Catwalk articles from Media page.

Finnish Catwalk pictures
Finnish Catwalk Spring/Summer 2010 pictures have been added to the runway page.

New Spring/Summer Collection pictures
New Spring/Summer Collection pictures have been added to the collections page.

The new spring/summer line
The new spring/summer line available for purchase next spring will make its debut at the Finnish Catwalk convention in the Wanha Satama in Helsinki from 8/23-8/24, 2009.

The cooperative work for Jonna's upcoming album has begun
Lotta Mönkäre will be designing the clothes for Jonna's new album coming out next year.
"I am working on my first English language album, for which we haven't really found a stylistic route yet, but anyway some really interesting and deep music is in store." - Jonna

Valkyrian Designs - exhibition
The line will be on display at the Lappeenranta Täky-Galleria 4.5. - 31.5.2009
. There is some clothes and pictures from fashionshows. Designer Lotta Mönkäre is in galleria 4.5.2009

Yrittäjät Areenalla 18.-19.4.2009
The collection will be on show in the Alavus Yrittäjät Areenalla.

Savonlinna ice castle event - pictures and video
You can find Savonlinna Ice Castle event pictures and video from:

Online store
The online store is now open!

Savonlinna ice castle event
The collection will be on show in the Savonlinna ice castle event on Saturday 21.02.2009
. The shows will be held in the Olavi castle, surrounded by the "ice wedding and ice bride" themed ice sculptures.

Helsinki Design Forum
The line will be on display at the Helsinki Design Forum 11.7-11.30. Miusta, the Nothern Carelian technical institute's art and design training programs will be on display at the forum.

Karjalan Messut pictures
Karjalan Messut pictures have been added to the Runway page.